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    Is it capable with a bluetooth notebook running on a cable modem to browse at cable modem speed on the treo over a bluetooth connection?
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    Just follow these steps:
    1. Pair up treo and PC (just like the hotsync process; define the PC as a trusted device)
    2. Goto preferences and select network
    3a. Service: Bluetooth Network
    3b. Connection: (as defined in step 1; will be the bluetooth name of the PC)
    3c. User name: <blank>
    3d. Password: <blank> (shows "-prompt-"
    3e. Don't fumble with the defaults! (leave the IP address box checked for auto and Query DNS also checked; no script necessary).
    4. download
    5a. install softickppp
    5b. Use USB exclusive
    6. open softickppp and select "bluetooth/serial" tab and tick the field for the virtual bluetooth port
    7. Enable softick ppp (you might need to close hotsync and or or other apps that can block the virtual bluetooth port e.g. PDANet). Softick should close hotsync.
    8. For blazer use a proxy (options, pref, advanced, set proxy: port 80) (Also try no proxy)

    Someone else said they had this working, but I get a timeout error. You need to make sure your Network Access and Dun is disabled on your Bluetooth services in your pc.

    You can get more info at this website below
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    What kind of usb bluetooth adapter can the 650 work with. Is it only 1.1 or can it work with 1.2? The ranges vary a lot with these things does anyone have one working with the 650 with a 300ft range? If so what brand and model?
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    Why don't you go ahead and read this whole thread:

    The process is called reverse dial up networking (dun), and someone has claimed 1000+ ft. of bluetooth freedom. Not bad, eh?

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