OK. Silly question, but it is stumping me.

For some reason, when I tried to sync over a .avi file to the card with quick install, it messed up my memory card. To the point where it will not read in a card reader. The Treo sees it, but says it is in a unknown format and wants me to format it.. After all other options were explored, I regretfully re-formatted the card.

Now, the first thing I synced back after erasing my backup and archive directories, was ZLauncher. That way I can put things back little by little and try to free up as much Treo memory as possible.

Well, as it stands, I have MUCH more memory avalible now than I had before, since before, I put ZLauncher on late in the game. BUT unlike before, when the Icon View is on All, I do not see ANY of the Apps that are on the card. Before I would see a little bitty icon in the corner of each icon showing either a little card (meaning it is on the card), a little RAM stick (it's in ROM), or no itty bitty icon (meaning it's in RAM).

Now I don't see any of the apps that are on the card...I went to the "ZL Preferences" and made sure "Update App Info" was on Memory and Card. But still no success.....