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    I recently got my OVD, and now I need assignment/project management software for next semester.

    I read a column on VisorCentral about Due Yesterday, but also found Four.Zero very popular, too.

    Besides freeware/shareware issue, which is better one? Or is there any better software out there?

    Thanks :-)
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    If you haven't been there already, palmgear is a great place for LOTS of software and good user reviews. See below for the reviews, and demo downloads (Due Yesterday is free), of the two products you mentioned.


    Due Yesterday:

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    Thanks for the reply thread, and yes, PalmGear H.Q. was the place I found Four.Zero very popular...but another fact that Four.Zero demo only offers the ability to handle just one class. :-(

    I'm just curious...still in serch of better one. What do you think best?
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    I downloaded StudentMate which looks good (; Registration is $13.00. It has a Projects, Homework, and Other category, and in each it has a drop down list of subjects, and a place where you can enter Due date & Headline.In the unregistered version you can't put in any "details", but you can put info in the Headline. (When you hit DUE you get the calender!) I can't tell how many spaces you get in Headline, but it's more than 15. It looks like it would be a good simple program to use.
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    Due Yesterday is similar also to StudentMate, except it's freeware...

    I really like due to it's flexibility and different points of view (with ($14?) registration you can put in more than one class). I like the feature where you can check out your current grade.

    But if you're on a really tight budget and/or just need something simple, i would go with Due Yesterday.

    I'm still stuck on which one to get also, one thing that annoys me in Due Yesterday is that you can't check things off from the main screen =P

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