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    As one would imagine, most posts about products in forums like this are negative. I have some serious issues with my i600 and just irritate me to hell.

    1) The OS locks up quite a bit. Sometimes I can go a week without a lock up but I would say it does it, on average, 4 times a week.
    2) The CPU is S_L_O_W. There are times when I have to wait 3-5 seconds for the phone to react to my keystrokes.
    3) Lacks a pointer/stylus.
    4) Lack of software (free)
    5) Doesn't receive calls quite often. I will receive a v-mail notification but thats it. This is sporatic and I understand could be related to my carrier but did not have this many problems until this phone.

    To be fair, I love:
    1) MS ActiveSync
    2) Pretty screen
    3) size

    Sadly, Verizon does not carry the 650 yet...bastards. My company only works with Verizon. So, I am checking out the 600. Based on my comments above, what do you guys think? I _need_ some sort of exchange compatibility. Verizon has wireless sync which I have used and actually like it. It works very well, but not as well as activesync in my opinion.

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    Terry-Do a search on this forum and over in pdaphonehome in both the i600 and the treo600 forums. You'll find several threads on the subject. I switched and am glad for it. I had the i300 and i330, then made the jump to MS and the i700 and i600 and now am back to palm and the t600. The i300/i330 were great intros to smarthphone world but quickly obsolete. The i700 was great pda/crap phone; i600 was great phone/crap pda (and then crap phone with the 03 upgrade that just slowed it to smithereens); and t600 is best balance of the two. Typing is great (to hell with t9). t650 sounds to be having memory issues and perhaps other new smartphone usual bumps, though you'll have to check out those forums to learn about that. I'm a very happy camper. No doubt I'll updgrade to treo 700 or whatever comes after that, but for the first time since getting into the smartphone world, I'm content to sit tight for a while.
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    Well there are some fundamental differences between the two products, and you'll have to make your own choice in these areas:

    - MS PPC OS or Palm?
    - Flip or candy bar?
    - Full qwerty keyboard or 12-key dial pad?
    - Wireless sync or Exchange ActiveSync?
    - Larger screen on the Treo vs pocketability of the i600?

    I mean they are such radically different products that I rarely find someone trying to decide btw them - although, once someone <really> gives the Treo a good try and tests it to its limits (full web browsing, neat SMS interface, etc) they usually find the Treo more to their liking. But you'll have to decide among those myriad of decision points above...
    The other thing to keep in mind is that Wireless Sync syncs ALL your main conduits - mail, contacts, calendar, tasks, memos, etc - I wasn't sure if EAS syncs all of those things on the I600, or just mail and calendar. And of course if you go Wireless Sync, you'll need to locate some PC in your organization to stay connected to Exchange to be your proxy to enable the WIreless Sync functions. Doesn't have to be your own personal PC, just any PC there at your place.

    Good luck!

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