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    I would really like to use Topo5 maps with my *potential* 650. I know that Topo 5 can Export to Palm, but I don't know what app to use. I also don't know if the optional delorme bluetooth cradle is compatible with the 650.

    I'm planning on a 3 week road trip this June. I was thinking of using StreetAtlas 2005 on my laptop to set the routes and exporting Topo5 maps to my PDA for the backcountry hikes. I also want to log everything.

    If anyone has experience with these apps or can direct me to better software/gps solutions i'd appreciate it. Unfortunately it looks like TomTom and the others don't have topographical maps or remote roads.

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    I would like to know this also.

    I already have the Delorme GPS receiver, and if I get the Bluetooth adapter that's $150, but for $180, I could get the the Blue Logger and the latest versions of the software. This makes my current GPS receiver into a paper weight.

    It looks like you would want the package for $250 with the Topo maps.

    It says it works with Palm OS, I would guess it works, but not sure. I don't know if I realy have the need to have GPS on my Palm, as I usualy just use it in the car.
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    I'm actually considering getting the BT adapter for the USB Earthmate since I have two of them. Would be nice for long trips when I know where I am going (and don't need directions) but merely want to know how far along I am. It would be more convenient than powering up the laptop, especially when the Mrs. doesn't want the laptop on her lap.
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    I finally got around to callng Delorme again. One of the very helpful salesmen checked on compatibility of their bluetooth supported GPSs and told me that they are all supported on the 650.

    He also told me that getting the bluetooth powerpack for my earthmate would be a waste because you need the Palm software, which doesn't come with it. It does come with the Blue Logger GPS which is only $10 more.

    So he assured me that I can export Topo5 maps to a Treo650 and interface it with the bluelogger GPS. Hope this helps.
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    I was interested in the delorme bluelogger GPS reciever, but I'm frequently in Europe. Is this reciever compatible any european mapping software. If not what is my best option? Any help would be appreciated.
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    You can use this GPS receiver with either Mapopolis or TomTom on the Palm. Both have European map data available. I haven't used this particular receiver with these myself, but I've seen a number of people discuss using this receiver with both of these apps over on
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    For topographic uses (like generating hiking/climbing paths with elevations, etc.), you'd have to find a mapping application for the Palm that supports this. Mapopolis and TomTom could display your topo maps once you convert them into the format that they expect (see for details), but these apps don't provide the functions you're looking for - they're aimed at general street driving/walking uses.
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    they are offering a 50 MIR with the bluetooth powerpack on delorme right now. I allready have the software just need the BT pack it is looking very tempting, plus no cables for the laptop too. mmmm sounds good
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    I just ordered the blue logger with software for my treo 650. I will tell how it works. 30 day money back guarantee for returns. I paid total of $149.
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    I got my bluetooth power pack and it works great shipped relly fast order wed morning shipped out that day to me by friday really surprised. Works great and now all i have to do is get the 50 MIR and it will be cheaper than the blue logger
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    what is 50 MIR?
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    mail in rebate
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    can you install the maps in the sd card? how do you do it if you can?
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    I have used Topo for years for work. I still am using Topo 4. Just received my Bluelogger and Streetatlas. Topo maps export fine from Topo 4 to SA2005, and look great on the Treo.

    BTW: the Bluelogger is a pretty cool little GPS receiver for the price.
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    I just received it and installed it. I wish there was a tutorial on how to use it and install it.
    Finally i figured it out. works nice at home. need to see how it works while I am driving.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lghitis
    I just received it and installed it. I wish there was a tutorial on how to use it and install it.
    Finally i figured it out. works nice at home. need to see how it works while I am driving.
    throw up review and some pics when you've gotten used to it. I am interested in what you think and how the software works. Specifically will the maps run off the sd card or do they have to be in ram.
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    size is very convenient:small and light. maps can be downloaded to sd card bypassing the installer of the maps. may need an antenna. have not used it with sound yet.

    Support is with limited hours.

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