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    I'm looking for input as to which DOC reader you think is the best for the Visor. I'm also looking at programs that will write DOCS or allow me to convert Word2K documents to DOC format. Thanks in advance!
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    I use QED and it works really well for me. It's very easy to convert MS Word docs to palm format. You can download it from
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    QED/QEX is great so is Palm Docs. Check out each at .

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    I'm using Palmdocs (I got it from Palmgear). I like the way it integrates itself as a macro in MS Word. From Word you can open a Palm document and edit it or save an MS Word doc as a Palm doc without having to use another interface.

    I use Smartdocs (download from as my doc reader/editor on my Visor. It works very well.
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    Take a look at "Documents to Go" from Dataviz ( It not only allows you to view Word and Wordperfect documents, but also lets you view Excel, Quattro Pro and Lotus 123 spreadsheets as well.

    I bought it for $40 at Best Buy. You can download a 15 day trial copy at their website or has it a little cheaper plus freight and the wait.

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