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    It looks like a set of eGrips is now available for the 650. Anybody have these yet? Also, I see they are also offering "Nubbies"....small eGrips for the center button.

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    i ordered the 650 egrips. Would prefer black but they say that some majority of 600 egrips sold were silver so they are sticking with that for now...
    I love the idea of a "nubby" when my hands are dry that center nub feels slimy it is sooo smooth.
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    I was one of the first to order them for the 650, but they haven't been delivered yet.
    Bill Petro
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    I ordered a set, and they said they wont be available to ship until the 17th of Dec.
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    got a notice that my egrips fpor the 650 shipped on friday the 17th. I will post pics and a review when I get them.
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    Had them on my 600. They wear out too fast. You'll use them for maybe 3 months and they will be peeling off. I do think something is needed, just something more durable.
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    I had the wrapback on my treo 600 for 4+ months with no peeling whatsoever.
    I'd also like to point out that they are not sold as a permanent solution. No one ever said they would last forever.

    Makes the phone feel alot more secure in my hand and thats what i wanted out of them. YMMV

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