Firstly I'd like to say this phone is great, upgrading from a treo 300 after two years of use that is. Although it does lack some finess which I thought would be there.


1. The little light next to the antenna ocassionally stays a solid orange and I don't know why. A soft reset fixes that everytime but it always comes back and is a bit annoying.

2. Versamail doesn't work very well. The filter pops up a stupid message when i set it to retrieve only mail from 3 last days. I know im filtering the mail, i dont need a silly message and an error-like ding sound. Also, i had to delete the messages file resetting my versamail because it was working like a snail, so slow going between menus as to make it unusbale, i think there is some sort of bug.

3. There is a significant lag between hitting dial and the dialing beggining, perhaps it is doing the dialing before showing you the screen, but that doesn't take away from it being a poor user interface at the very least, which is the strongest selling point that palm has.

4. When I am talking on the phone and a verichat message comes in the phone does a soft reset. Similarly the same thing happens when i am browsing with blazer and i get a verichat message. This is probably the most annoying thing.

All these things aside im enjoying it and would recommend it to all but the technically faint of heart. It's a great toy, and i'm sure the firmware updates/upgrades should fix most of my complaints. By the way, I've had it for almost 3 weeks.