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    Can you tell me your experience with listening to mp3s on the Treo? Does it drain the batteryies?

    Thank you
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    After 30 minuits of palying mp3's, and the phone off, I was down 3% on battery life.
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    I even watched Seinfeld in MMPLayer (20 minutes) and only lost 2% or 3% of juice, with phone and bluetooth turned on.

    The power usage is surprisingly low for everything running, including the screen on the entire time.
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    Thank you
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    wow I have good experiences with battery drain (my T600 is 4 months old). I watched five 43 minute episodes of a show on my Treo and the battery drain was less than 50%. I thought it was unreal... but that was my experience. MP3s hardly effect it.

    What really seems to kill it is weak signal strength (when inside my house). When I watched the show, I was outdoors so I had full bars.

    And make sure you turn beaming off on your phone... I believe this saves a lot of juice.

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