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    I am asking Santa (err ... my husband) to give me a hands-free car kit for my Treo 600. I would love to get some feedback from those of you with car kits. Which ones to you have? How do you like them? What is the most important thing to consider when you get one? Which one do you recommend?

    Thanks so much for your advice and help on this.
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    I have a SonyEricsson HCB-30 car kit with a stereo connection cable. I'm very happy with it, for the following reasons:

    - It has a microphone with a cable so that I can place it in the best spot for outgoing clarity. I put mine right above me next to the rear-view mirror, for example.

    - With the stereo connection, any call (incoming or outgoing) mutes the stereo and routes the incoming audio through the car's speakers. No additional speaker to place in the car someplace, the caller sounds as good as they possibly can, and I can control the volume of the speaker using the car's volume controls.

    - Both the incoming and outgoing audio quality are good. People can definitely tell that I'm using the handsfree (sounds like I'm on a speakerphone), but they can hear me well and I don't need to repeat things, etc.

    Unless the Treo 600 can use a Bluetooth SD card of some kind, I don't think you'd be able to use this particular model (it only connects via Bluetooth, no cable connection to the phone that I'm aware of). But these are the features I'd check for first in any unit you're considering.

    Other niceties to look for are little LCD displays showing the caller ID, signal strength, etc. (if the phone won't be easily visible in a cradle or something similar), and voice dialing (speaking your phone's voice tags into the handsfree mike rather than the phone). But these extras will typically only work with certain phone models that are compatible with the handsfree unit.
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    Here is a holiday gift for every Treo owner.

    I plugged my Treo into one of those tape cassette adapters using a jack adapter (like you would use for headphones). My PocketTunes sound amazing through the car stereo.

    Then, suddenly, a call came in...I hit the answer button and amazingly the call was coming through the car stereo...crystal clear stereo sound. And the caller was able to hear me through the microphone on the Treo while it sat on my lap.

    Try it!

    It actually sounds better than any hands free kit I have ever had installed...even professionally.

    I am going to buy a holder for the phone so it is our in front of me, but totally not necessary.
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    That sounds amazing . . . but what is a tape-cassette adapter? I have a CD player in my car but no jack or way to plug anything in except for the cigarette lighter... how would I get it to work? THANKS!
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    This device will do the same thing if you do not have a cassette player.

    I use it in my car. Here are the specs
    Play portable audio devices through your car or home stereo without wires.

    Ideal for MP3, CD, DVD Players, Satellite Radios, PDAs, Laptops and PCs.
    Precise Digital Tuning.
    Full Stereo Sound.
    Dual Power: AAA Batteries or 12 VDC Auto Adapter.

    or this one
    Semper Fi
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