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    Interested in tools that allow easy transfer and editing of MS Word docs to-and-from the Visor? check out PalmDocs and QED/QEX at .
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    I just bought the BackupBuddyNG and InstallBuddy Bundle. The main reason I bought the Install program was to convert Word documents to doc for my Visor ( I use CSpotRun as reader). It works, but I cannot just convert my existing Word documents - I have to install at the same time. I want to be able to just convert to doc format so I can have the documents ready to place on my Visor as I choose. I cannot figure out how to do this; no hints in Help. The only option I have is to always install the document I converted every time I hotsynch, and I do not want to do that. I tried saving Word documents with .PDB (the format InstallBuddy put my Word documents in)at the end of the file name, then installing, but that crashed the hotsynch operation, and I had to restart my PC to be able to hotsynch again. Does anyone know if I can convert documents and save them on my desktop in the .PDB or .doc format using InstallBuddy? I tried PalmDoc shareware conversion program last week and it let me just convert; I could install later. I suppose I should have just registered the PalmDoc program, but I thought if I had to buy something a commercial program would be better. Otherwise, VDI is great, had it for ten days now and love it.
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    Try QED as your document read/editor. (Find it at the same site as PalmDoc.) Edit your doc and when you hotsync, you'll find the edited file in Palm/backup. Just open it in MS Word and do what you with it.
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    Take a look at "Documents to Go" from Dataviz ( It not only allows you to view Word and Wordperfect documents, but also lets you view Excel, Quattro Pro and Lotus 123 spreadsheets as well.

    I bought it for $40 at Best Buy. You can download a 15 day trial copy at their website or has it a little cheaper plus freight and the wait.

    It is easy to set up and use. Seems to be a good value

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