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    Has anyone else noticed the rancorous debate regarding the treo 650 in this forum? I'm a long-time palm user... graduated to the treo 300, used it for a year, immediately sold that and bought the treo 600 when it was released. Was prepared to sell the 600 and buy the 650 until I started reading all of these negative posts about the 650. I don't remember the same sort of ballyhoo when the 600 came out. It certainly is putting a damper on my decision to upgrade, which is very hard to do given my excessive need for the latest and greatest device. Ah well... I think I will wait a few more months and monitor these posts before I make the switch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sparkky
    Has anyone else noticed the rancorous debate regarding the treo 650 in this forum?
    Debate???... Why didn't anyone tell me???

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    Sparkky, you might want to check out this thread:

    There I simply asked the T650 folks that are former T600 owners to tell me some of the good things about their upgrade. For me it has been probably the best thread here about reasons to upgrade or maybe consider not doing it if you don't think it will benefit you.
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    I upgraded from a 600 to a 650 and have been very, very pleased with my decision. The memory problem was not that big of an issue. The negative posts on this board almost taked me out of my 600, which I was very pleased with. They also almost taked me out of my 650. My advice to you or anyone else that wants to sleep better and enjoy life more is to disregard in their entirety the vast majority of negative posts you see on this site. There is much valuable information here, but many of the posts are simply out of line and should be disregarded.
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    The memory issue is not a big deal to me either. It is a minor problem but more because I am a power user who installs many Palm apps, not because of the 512byte record thing. I still want 128MB onboard but things are fine between Zlauncher and 1GB SD card.

    The memory thing is not ideal but not a deal breaker either. For non-power users, there is enough memory. I would be more concerned about voice quality and coverage than memory and the voice quality is good enough for me. It is also the first phone I've EVER had that works in the elevator of my condo building w/out dropping. The 600 dropped with same carrier.

    But here is why the upgrade was worth it to me...
    - Bluetooth, especially DUN and Hotsync. I use it more than I thought I would.
    - The keyboard and screen are way way better, worth the upgrade alone.
    - The web browser is much better and I do more than with 600 because I can visit more sites now w/out issues.
    - Faster! Although I do notice the dial delay compared to 600, it's not annoying to me.
    - Camera is far better, especially in low light. I actually use it now.
    - More real-estate on screen when reading Word/Excel docs with Docs2Go. Easier on eyes too. So is e-book reading.

    Cool things..
    - PocketTunes and MMPlayer are noticably smoother at higher rates.
    - Warefare Inc is great on a 360x360 display - can play against bluetooth players too

    If a power user who can wait, you may want to wait for a 650 with more memory (if it happens). But the Zlauncher workarounds with a 1GB card work well enough that I don't think it's a major issue. Not ideal but good enough.

    If willing to wait several months, you may want to wait until high-speed EVDO phones become available if important to you. I think a PocketPC phone is out soon with EVDO. Palm-based probably not for another 6 months or so.
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    I deactivated my 650 tonight and went back to my trusty 600. The 650 was a love-hate relationship for me. Many cool new features, but some not so cool features that were deal breakers for me.

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