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    Plantronics has an Xbox version of the MX150 (without the answer/end button) and it works well on the Treo600. The MX150 fits nicely and the voice quality is very clear with the noise-canceling mic.

    Plantronics also makes the MX153 series which is similar to the MX150 with an answer/end button. There are three different versions of the MX153; N-1, N-3, and M-1). Has anyone tried the MX153 on a Treo600? If so, which one? I want to use the answer/end button with VoiceLauncher software.

    Thanks in advance,
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    My expierence with the MX 153 is buy it from Sprint store. I found ONLY therir version permits the on-off button to work with the T 600. As far as the N #'s, they designate the different type of connectors for different phones, something you won't have to be concerned about at the Sprint store
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    Thanks for your response. No Sprint store here in Toronto. I will give Rogers Wireless a call.

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