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    Hi all.

    I've been trying to register my 650 at P1 web site. Process goes fine, but I never get the confirmation mail, thus no 20% cupon code...

    I've tried adding "H" to the serial # at first, right after I received my 650. It worked fine and the process seemed completed. But I didn't get the email.

    So a week later, I tried to register again, and that time it didn't go through with "H" and took the S/N without "H."(probably they updated the database?) But still no confirmation email, even though the page is asking my email address for sending confirmation email.

    Any help or advice? Thanks,
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    I encountered the same issue but was never able to resolve it. The registration process on the website doesn't seem to work correctly. So I wound-up using the registration process that is part of the desktop software installation and everything worked as it should. I received my 20% email shortly thereafter.
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    Thanks for the info. My problem is that I am a pure Mac user, and using Missing Sync :-(

    Did any mac user succeed registering?
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    Yes I did suceed in registration. I believe in your palm folder you will find what you are in need of...on OSX in applications folder...seems it was in there and said register...
    I know there was a thread on this ...but after searching through posts I will be darned I can find it, sorry I could not be of more help!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by coelacanth

    Thanks for the info. My problem is that I am a pure Mac user, and using Missing Sync :-(

    Did any mac user succeed registering?
    yes... Use the E-Reg application found in: "Hard Drive/Applications/Palm/E-Reg"
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    Thanks guys for the help. I finally succeeded it. The CD-ROM had scratches and the drive couldn't read some files, but I was lucky enough to pull out the E-reg application. Thanx!
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    The missing digit issue should have been fixed on or before 11/30: see this thread.
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    I just regestered my T650 and got a 20% off accessories code. Problem is, the accessories they are touting don't really do it for me:

    I would rather use the 20% off an a Vaja T66 case or a T650 cradle. But I'm not paying 20% off a $59.99 battery which is still more expensive than if I shopped around the 'Net and got that extended battery for the same price, if not cheaper. Or even a regular T650 battery for cheaper. For that matter, any T650 accessory.

    I might settle for the "Now You Know Treo book." But I alreday know the Treo, with help of TC! I might get it, then sell it on eBay or Craig's List!

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