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    I am now using a O2 Genie sim card becuse of the free 300 wap Mins.

    I cant seem to change the internet settings ive tried manually setting it but it dosent work with the browser i got with my phone...

    IF anyone has a step by step guide how i can change and what the settings are i would be really happy.

    Thanks for reading !
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    I'm not sure, if this will work with your free minutes, because GPRS traffic is counted bye volume, right?

    I also have O2 Genion, but I'm just using the "normal" GPRS settings, which can be found here:
    APN: internet
    User: -
    pw: -

    To enter them, do the following (i suppose you have a Treo600?):
    1. Go to Setup, choose "Network" (sorry if translation is incorrect, my Treo is German)
    2. Create a new Connection
    3. Give a Name
    4. Choose "GPRS"
    5. Enter the Data given (leave user and password blank)
    6. Under "details" choose "advanced" => ip-Adress : Automatic, DNS-Query: check box

    Now, it should work. But, as i told in the beginning, GPRS is charged by volume (at least my contract is like that).

    There are also settings for wap:

    Good luck, maybe the hotline may help?

    These are the settings for O2 Germany, hope they work for you...

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