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    There are currently a couple of other threads running on this topic but not enough participants so I thought I would start a new thread with a more descriptive topic to see how widespread this problem is.

    Basically, the phone app is very slow to respond. Sometimes when coming from other apps, i.e. versamail, or anything else for that matter, i will get a long white pause -- sometimes 10 seconds or more. I've had it once take so long that i finally did a soft reset to get my phone back.

    I've hard reset the phone and left it completely empty -- no contacts created, no email configuration or send/rec., no attempt to connect via vision, no initial hotsync, etc. The only thing I did was make a few calls and the delays were still there so it isn't any 3rd party app.

    I jumped into messaging and sent an SMS. I made sure the arrows were not active and then called myself from my t600. I listened in and got 4 rings on the calling device, but my 650 never answered. I hit the green phone button and the phone moved to the phone app, showed an incoming call, rang about half a ring, then answered the phone.

    The reason I tried this is because everyone keeps complaining that my phone never answers. As long as I LEAVE the phone in the phone app, i don't seem to miss calls. The problem is that when I get an SMS, the phone apps disappears and messaging is left on the screen the phone app now isn't running.

    One other user has reported that he can recreate my issue with leaving messaging open and miss a call.

    I don't know if it is a power management issue causing conflict with the cpu, poor phone dialer software design, or what, but the pauses are very real and is an issue that needs to be resolved. I've had my t600 for a long time and i've never experienced anything remotely close to this sort of behavior.

    Here are my data on my phone software versions and such...

    treo 650-1.03.spcs
    hardware A
    prl rev 10025
    phone app 1.0
    applications 5.2H
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    Have you tried taking the phone to the Sprint store and have someone check it out? Perhaps you got a bad unit....
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    I have the same problem.

    I also experience significant delays (1-5 seconds) dialing out when I select a number from my contact list or from the call log. No delay when I directly type in each number and press dial.

    treo 650-1.03.spcs
    hardware A
    prl rev 10025
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    this is a well documented issue. everyone has this issue of 1-5 seconds or longer when dialing out via contact . its an nvfs problem casued by the wonderful machine reading the info into ram from rom first before sending it out or some garbage. search around.
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    The problem with the phone not ringing when in the SMS app most likely has to do with how the Sprint network operates, and not an issue with the Treo. When a Sprint phone is sending or receiving an SMS, it's not available for calls. The network simulates ringing in anticipation of the possibility that the device will become ready soon. Same goes for when the device is syncing email, or any data operations for that matter.

    I believe that this is a distinct issue from the delay in launching the phone app. I haven't seen evidence that the launch delay of the phone app is related to delaying ringing the phone. People have had similar experiences with the Treo 300 and 600 on Sprint.
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    yea I think you should bring it to a sprint store and have them take a look at it. they'll probably only keep you in there for little under an hour and a half while they twiddle their thumbs at the "problem"...then tell you that you installed 3rd party apps... you'll hard reset it in front of them. they'll take it back in the holding room, return 20mins late, hand you your phone & tell you "all you needed was a PRL update in your software" then send you on your merry way. You MAY trust them and think nothing of it while spending your Sunday at Red Lobster and a Movie(perhaps Oceans Twelve) along with your significant other. BUT on the way back from dropping them off and attempting to make calls to those other significants to complete your weekend rounds... you find out..."The Enemy Remains"
    "I have to return some videotapes."
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    Add me to the list...

    Wahili: I don't think what you just said has actually been proven. It's all conjecture, we don't really know that NVFS is actually the cause. I definitely think it's sloppy programming as evidenced in so many other parts of the built-in apps.
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    Did anyone miss calls when Vision is off based on what I said above? Please experiment with shutting down all apps that use the network. To be sure, go to the Netowrk preferences and disconnect Vision. If you see it re-connecting, you know that some app is using data. Then, with no data connections whatsoever, repeat your testing for missed calls.

    Keep in mind that I used to miss calls (no ringing) with a lowly Sony Sprint phone 4 years ago. This is not a new phenomenon with the Treo.
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    I am experiencing the same issues and it is extremely frustrating!! It needs to be fixed!! I really wanted the new phone, but now I am having second thoughts Is this something that can be corrected with a patch or is it inherent in the design? I posted on another thread about poor sound quality and low, low volume and I hope that can be fixed also. I will be reading treo central forums intently........
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    i continue to miss the vast majority of calls. This phone is going back today in hopes that a replacement won't do the same....

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