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    I've seen a lot of 810 and 850 reviews, so I thought I'd do one of my 820.

    First off, I with one caveat, I love this headset.

    Physical -

    Headset is small. Comfortable on my ear. I know people don't like the floppy-ness of the headset, but once you realize that it isn't going to fall off, it's fine. Battery life is great - I use my phone constantly and the Treo battery goes before I get a low battery warning from the headset. I must have dropped the headset or smushed it or something, because the bottom (when worn on the right ear) volume button is broken.

    Volume -

    With the mute hack, the headset is plenty loud. I drive a lot, and wander the streets of NYC, and have almost no problems when the mute hack is engaged. Without the mute hack, you better be somewhere quiet. I don't see that as a fault of the phone.

    Call Handling -

    When I dial a call, it cuts through automatically to the headset. This happens fairly quickly. It also happens consistently. When a call comes in, I hit the MFB (Multi Function Button) on the side of the headset and it transfers. Sometimes, if I haven't used the headset for a bit, I have to hit the button a few times. The only other call handling feature is last number redial, which requires a longer press on the MFB.

    Sound Quality -

    Most people can't tell I'm on a headset. The listening experience is on par with being on the phone itself. Nobody has complained about high background noise or problems hearing me. Obviously the headset doesn't perform as well with wind or other high ambient noises, but I'm willing to make that sacrifice to not have a boom.

    Pairing -

    Pairing was quick and painless.

    Overall -

    As I said, I like this headset. It's comfortable to wear on my ear, and I often forget it's there. Static doesn't seem to be a huge problem - I was 25' away and answered my phone - the only problem was volume, but I see that as a Treo issue, not the headset. Do things go wrong with the headset sometimes? Sure - occasional static, sometimes it really doesn't want to answer the phone. But these are few and far between.

    I used the Jabra 250, and it wasn't consistent with the call handling at all. The 820 is rock solid with that, which means once someone fixes the volume issue with the Treo, I can feel confident about leaving the phone in my coat pocket while walking answering calls.

    My only disappointment is no ring indication in the headset. If there was something as good as the 820 but with ring indication, I might try it. Bluespoon, maybe? the BS looks kinda uncomfortable to wear. The 660, maybe? I'm not sure how I feel about the look.

    Anyways, hope this was helpful.

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    A long MFB press will reject the call also.
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    Great review. thanks. I have been considering this model myself, but the low noise issue has been worrying me. Here is another review

    It says at times the volume could be too much. I think the 650 has a problem with volume that needs to be addressed through software. The reviewer tested the headset via a computer. I think i will be getting this soon.

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