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    I have never understood why the cradle for the 600 or 650 was not released at the same time as the phone. I have used a cradle since my T300 and find it much more convenient than the sync cable. Any clues on when it will be available? Or does someone know if it is somewhere?
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    I ditto that. I hate having my $$$ Treo just laying around. A charging cradle is such a "must have" to me for usefulness as well as peace of mind.
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    I too am waiting for the cradle. I've noticed that the included hotsync cable is not attaching as tightly to the treo compared to when it was new. When it is attached and I pick the treo up to do something, it disconnects very easily. It doesn't seem to be very robust design.
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    Mine does the exact same thing, disconnects when i just pick it up. Very pissed. Considering calling Palm1 for a replacement cable.
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    I'm also waiting for the cradle. You can't really use the 650 without picking it up unless it has a cradle. My cable connects just fine, but I find that I almost always start a hotsync when I am plugging the damn thing in...I keep hitting the front button hotsync button accidently. No harm syncing more frequently, I guess, but it is annoying.
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    Any update on the cradle for the T650?
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    Quote Originally Posted by crawform
    Any update on the cradle for the T650?
    I asked that question of Dan (eBay Treo accessory seller) a few days ago.
    This is his reply.

    In a message dated 12/9/2004 12:07:59 PM Eastern Standard Time,

    Hi Dan
    Could you please send me an email when you have the cradle for the Treo 650 available? Will the charger that came with my 650 fit into the cradle?

    *********** The eta is 3-4 weeks **********

    Daniel Horton
    1117 East Putnam Ave. #402
    Riverside, CT 06878
    General Offices 203-629-1360
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    Sigh. A $600 PDA. I guess having a cradle included (in which every other PDA in this price range has one in the box) was too much to ask.
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    Or any kind of case. Shocking.
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    Customer service at P1 advised that it would show up as available on the website 1st, and told me to check there. Lazy $%^#@*$
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    I pre-ordered my from the TreoCentral store. They'll ship it to me when they get it, and won't bill my credit card until its shipped.

    I obsessed over the phone, I refuse to obsess over the cradle.
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    FYI: is taking pre-orders also
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    Just got a sweet deal on a battery and car charger for the 650 from Dan's. I asked him about the cradle her said:
    Yea I have a few fans around the web and i appreciate them very much. the cradles are still in production in china 3-4 weeks.
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    Any update on the cradle?????

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