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    After you buy any software from palmgear, how do you get the program? do you get the software right away?(download) or they mail it to you?<--kind of dumb! but i have no idea how they do it. I'm a newbie to PDA!!! thank you
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    It varies. For most of them, you can download a crippled version of the programs for free, and when you pay your money, they email you the secret code to make the program un-crippled.
    For some others, they will give you access to a secured web site where you can download the full version.
    For others, they will email you the software in one to two business days.
    Generally they also need to know the "name" of your Visor, that is, the one that Hotsynch uses to identify your Visor. This is to prevent the software from running on other Visors (i.e., Visors belonging to people who haven't paid for the software)

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