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    One of our local cellular companies, Highland Cellular, dba Cellular ONE is a GSM provider. For some reason, they do not currently offer the Treo 600 in their product line. Is there any reason that an unlocked GSM Treo 600 wouldn't work if I bought one and took it to them to activate? This carrier operates GSM 850 Mhz and their internet is GPRS. Wondering if there is anything about the Treo 600 that wouldn't work with their switch, etc.

    My logic tells me that 850 MHz GSM would work the same across all US carriers. I'd love to know that the Treo 600 WOULD work because I'm still on a Treo 300 and am wanting to upgrade and don't particularly want to stay with Sprint. Plus I'm hoping that if the 600 works with this carrier, that the 650 will also when its released. ATT, Cingular, T-Mobile isn't in my area. Anybody have any info that will help me understand this better? Thanks in advanced.

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    If you unlock it you can.
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    The whole beauty of a GSM carrier is you can just swap sim chips at will - providing your phone is unlocked. PalmOne should be releasing the unlocked (International) 650 first, so if you get one of those, you shouldn't have any problems.

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