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    I am new to the world of PDAs and was wondering if there is any Software in Japanese, ie. address books etc that can use Japanese characters or e-mail programs that can download e-mail in Japanese characters.

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    Imagine that Apple's "Japanese Langueage Kit" enables English Mac OS to read/write Japanese charactors.

    For Palm OS, it's stuff called "J-OS" which does the same thing for Palm. It even convets manu, etc. into Japanese if you want. Does this sound like what you're looking for?

    Since you're @VisorCentral site, I assume that either you've got a Visor or you're going to. So I'll suggest you to visit for general information about Visor and localization.

    Or maybe I could personally help you out, too. Drop me a line (you can write me either in English or Japanese) at I also am an International student (yes, I'm Japanese) studying in Kansas City, MO. :-)

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    Woops, one typo <G>

    The correct URL is

    Sorry about that :-)


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