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    The program "profiles" is indespensable but does not work on the Treo 650. A bunch of us posted a request for Milan (the og developer) to tweak it to work for 650 but he is MIA. Could you "tweak" it to work on 650? The program is already written & perfect the way it is. Just a little tweak is needed maybe? Could you give it a shot. there would be many of us who would be eternally grateful. Maybe someone could post profiles.prc latest version for you. Thanx!
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    heh - love the thread title. someone was posting from their treo, i can tell!
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    It really would be great if someone would come along and update this so that it works on the Treo650. Profiles and TakePhone are two of the programs that I miss the most and that still do not work for the 650. I'm not worried about Takephone because the developer is excellent and will come out with an update. I am wondering about Profiles though.
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    Yo Silverado, we'll donate!!
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    Unfortunately, a "tweak" would entail having access to the source code of the application, not just the PRC. Otherwise, it has to be written from scratch.
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    how difficult would it be to create this app from scratch?
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    Quote Originally Posted by treoneo
    how difficult would it be to create this app from scratch?
    Persistance... Good for you!
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    I don't think he's MIA -- I just don't think he has time. But he is checking in:



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    heyyyy! there he is! what up homey?
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    650 is my first smartphone. What does "profiles" do?

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