I noticed this morning that my 300 was not getting a signal. I checked my wife's phone and it was working, so I figured my 300 was dead and decided to take it to the Sprint store and have them check it out. Sure enough - dead. I asked the service guy if he could tell if it was covered under my insurance. He checked and said I still had insurance, but wasn't sure if it was covered.

Flashback to 2 yrs ago. I started my Sprint service with a Sanyo 4900 and decided to get the insurance.

Fastforward to 2 months ago. I jumped on eBay and found a Treo 300, bid on it and won it and proceeded to switch my service from my Sanyo to the Treo.

Fastforward to today. The service guy suggested that I call Lockline and see if the Treo was covered because he THOUGHT the insurance covered whatever phone had the service at the time. A quick call to Lockline confirmed just that. Lockline asked if there was any physical damage. When I told them no, they said that with the enhanced coverage I had, Sprint should just replace it and charge me the $10 deductable. Back to the Sprint store and explained the scenario to them. The Sprint rep checked, saw that I had insurance, and went to discuss something with someone else. When she came back she told me that they did not have any 300s in stock and that they would have to order one and they would call me when it comes it and just bill my account the $10.

With any luck, I may be getting a $10 600!!!