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    Hey guys,

    My company just went from Outlook, to Outlook Web Access (OWA).

    I have a 600 and the browser will not support going to the http://address that I can reach with my home computer.

    I see that the T650 specifically notes the ability to reach OWA using Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.

    Is there anyway for me to communicate with the OWA using the T600? The Sprint bussiness connection will not work because it requires that the local application of outlook be configured as the default.


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    I had the same issue. I purchased Web Pro web browzer and I am able to then go to the OWA website. OWA is a very detailed web page, but Web Pro is able to display the various panes so that you can read the messages. You can also reply to them without any problem. The only issue I have is that you have to be connected to the web to read it and there is no way to synchronize your messages to the Treo so you can read them off line. I am hoping the active sync will let us do that eventually. If you search Web Pro in Google you will find it. I don't remember but I think there might be a trial version that you can test before purchasing.
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    Thanks for the info on Web Pro 3.0. It looks like it is only for the Tungsten, Can I use it on the Treo 600?

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    I am using Palm Web Pro version 3.0.1c on my Treo 600 as I described above and it works great.
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    I should never have doubted you. It does indeed work very well. I am trying the "Demo" right now, are you aware of what restrictions are placed on the "Demo" version?

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    I don't remember, but I don't think there are any restrictions in the demo version.

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