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    I was wondering if there is any app that I can use to get my netscape bookmarks to be automatically put(sync) onto my VDx. I think that this would be really cool since I personally have had moments when I would like to look up a particular site but don't have access to my netscape bookmarks.

    Any ideas ?
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    Since Netscape bookmarks are nothing more than a web page (bookmarks.htm), you should be able to use InstallBuddy to hotsync the "page" with your visor on every synch. InstallBuddy will convert HTML, MSWord, Text and other documents to appropriate Palm OS documents. It also asks you if it should convert/load the document on every sync.


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    Thanks for answering to my question. For some strange reason I am not able to find InstallBuddy on or Could you please advise where I can find this app.

    BTW have you heard of URLSync. It's supposed to sync your bookmarks with their own Palm App. Unfortunately, it does not support synching Netscape Bookmarks only IE Bookmarks

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