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    I received my viennachannels 650 this week and it had an additional treo car charger packed in it. Unfortunatly it was for the treo 600 model and not the 650. Was this true for everybody?
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    Well that sucks. I got a car charger and the horizontal belt case from Daves on ebay for like 9 bucks. How does he do it?
    Gregg G. - New Orleans, LA
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    i great
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    Quote Originally Posted by TDHOGGS
    i great
    You did WHAT?? Get the 650 charger with your VC 650?

    I got a 600 car charger with mine. Pretty dumb, IMHO.
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    my wife's and mine came with the correct chargers.
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    I also got the 600 charger. Over on the "Vienna Channels has shipped" thread, someone said that Jeff implied that the charger could be swapped out for the 650 one when he got more. Does anyone know if this is true? Could we maybe get a swap at a Sprint store?

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