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    Just read about the merger between Sprint and Nextel. Maybe I'm jumping the gun, but does anyone else think that we'll see a Nextel Treo 650? The left side of the Treo 650 (with the programmable button and up/down buttons) always looked to me like it was meant for Push to Talk. I was waiting for the GSM version of the 650, but if I could get Nextel PTT on it GSM wouldn't really matter as much to me.
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    I doubt it. Nextel uses iDEN for their network (which is what gives them the push-to-talk functionality.) From the article I read in NYTimes Sprint may ask Nextel customers to turn in their iDEN handsets so Sprint can avoid keeping two seperate networks running in parrell and realize an operational cost savings.

    Even if they keep the iDEN network running, for the 650 to have push-to-talk I'm pretty sure you'd have to put an iDEN radio in the 650. This has design, testing, manufacturing issues tied to it so it's certainly not automatic just because these companies merge.
    Oh, so they have internet on computers now!
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    If the merger goes through I seriously doubt that the new company will use nextel's technology. The major reason Nextel is looking to merge is because they are being kicked out of their spectrum by the government. Besides Nextels version of PTT requires Iden and the only people who make iDen is Motorola.
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    Didn't Sprint intend to develop PTT a couple years ago? Did they ever release a phone with it?
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    readylink is sprints ptt function...but it is packet based and does not work with nextel. I had the service on my sanyo 5500 and it was decent
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    Well if iDen is going away and they are heading to CDMA, then maybe they'll add Nextel PTT enginerering to the Sprint PTT. Either way, it sounds like Nextel users will have to replace their phones eventually. iDen will likely go away.

    Perhaps they could develop a PTT gateway between the two during the transition.
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    heres is a good thread about how the technologies might merge

    obviously at this point its a lot of speculation
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    I have sprint and nextel, I love the sprint phone service but hate the PPT(ready link). I love nextel PPT but hate the service. I dont know how they are going to work this out. Sprints PPT really sucks compare to nextel.
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    With the merger, Sprint will have Nextel's PTT technology and engineering. Nextel was going to develop CDMA PTT anyway. This will likely improve Sprint's PTT. iDen PTT will likely not stick around even if the merger didn't happen.
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    Speculation on the benefits of the merger to P1 will take its stock up at least 10 percent by weeks end, despite the 650 issues.
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    On CNBC today they had both CEO's on about the merger. They did say they were talking to Motorola about a gateway to link the ready link and direct connect. They danced around the subject whether or not that all Nextel customers are going to have to get new phones.
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    The press release indicated that Nextel subscribers would be eventually switching over to Sprint's EVDO PTT (?). I would tend to agree with previous posts that Nextel engineering would be used to improve Sprint's PTT. Just about anybody's voice coverage would improve Nextel's.

    As a treo owner and Nextel user, a PTT Treo would be the ultimate device!
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    If Sprint's PTT ReadyLink service is packet based, what is Nextel's? From everyone I have talked to I have heard that Nextel's PTT is much better because A) it is instant on whereas the Sprint ReadyLink takes a while to connect to their PTT network and B) that the Nextel service has higher quality sound. Anyone care to comment?
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    Doesn't matter. NExtel's iDEN is going away... they have a significantly different variation of PPT in development for CDMA than Sprint has so I'd guess Sprint will adopt that and improve to function more like IDEN.
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    Posted on CBS Marketwatch:

    Motorola to make dual-mode phone for Sprint Nextel (10:20 AM ET) WASHINGTON (CBS.MW) -- Nextel CEO Timothy Donahue said Wednesday that Motorola will make a dual-mode phone for Nextel(NXTL: news, chart, profile)and Sprint(FON: news, chart, profile)after the two companies complete their merger. Such a phone will be necessary to bridge the company's two incompatible networks as they move to integrate customers onto one upgraded network within a few years of the merger's completion. Motorola stock took a dive last Friday on concerns that the merger would cut into phone sales. Motorola supplies virtually all of Nextel's phones, which are based on a unique technology called Iden that was developed by Motorola. In recent trades, Motorola(MOT: news, chart, profile)shares rose 39 cents to $17.24.
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    will sprint get PTT?

    this link indicates that IS the plan...

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