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    I just got a replacement phone from lockline, and it has the issue that I've seen alot of you describe with the microphone. The people I call can't hear me. I'm pretty sure that the instructions are to call lockline if it's within 3 days of them giving the phone to me, otherwise, I go to Sprint and it's covered under warantee. I'm just wondering which will get me back up and running faster. With warantee issues in Sprint stores, do they give you a phone right there?
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    From what I have heard, the insurance companies often give you a refurbished unit and Sprint often will give you a new unit. It also sounds like a warranty problem (Sprint) vs a loss or damaged problem ( insurance).

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    if you already got your phone from lockline and they will replace your defective unit with another one without having to pay any deductable, then use lockline again i suppose.
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    Either method should yield a replacement for no cost. I was concerned about how long it would take, but I think the point Curtarmy made is enough to convince me to wait three days and then go to the sprint store.
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    You must not be with Cingular because I just checked again Friday and they STILL DO NOT INSURE the Treo through Lockline.
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    Yeah, I'm with Sprint. This is my 2nd replacement though, so I'm cancelled. I'm gonna take extra care of this one, I love the phone but it seems so darn fragile. The lady at the store said that dropping it voids teh waranty...

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