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    I just got a treo 600 from VRZ and might have to swap it for a sprint due to poor coverage in my area form VRZ. So my question is how do I get email downloaded to my treo in regular intervals? I have read about Snapper mail and Versa Mail but have no idea how to use either! Also does sprint and or VRZ do this for free instead of an app you have to buy like the two above. I have gmail and it seems that I will end up getting snapper due to the fact that it seems to work best with gmail at this time. Thanks for all your help and I hope some time I might be able to give back to the board in thanks for all the help!
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    Verizon has Wireless Sync email available to download. Unfortunately you need a PC connected to the internet at all times to use it as I recall.
    Sprint and most vendor phones come with Palm's Versamail. Not great from what I hear but if you're just doing minor email probably ok.
    If you download snapper it comeswith documentation. You can set it to auto check mail but this is only on their upper level versions of the program. See their site for info.
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    thanks any one else want to chime in?
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    new user and I am very confused
    have Sprint with PC vision
    if I use web ie www sites is it charged against my minutes?
    anyone help will have more questions when I figure out how to
    just about anything
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    Sprint has a data plan for $15 i believe. Probably the simplest and easiest to deal with. Should be covered on their web site and packet wtih phone.
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    The Treo 600 with SprintPCS service should have included PalmOne Mail application that will enable you to send and retrieve email for free (within the limitations of your data plan of course). Click the home button (to the right of spacebar) and type "m" and scroll through your apps to find "Mail". Open and away you go. RTFM also.

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