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    Can (or should I)install the OS 3.3 upgrade? I just bought my Visor Deluxe and it comes with 3.0. What are the advantages and disadvantages? Is is possible to downgrade from 3.3 to 3.0?

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    I am also a VDX owner but you can not upgrade to the 3.3OS because the visor doesn'y have a flash ROM.
    From what I have been told by more experienced people here at Visor Central is this should not matter becuse the only reason to upgrade the OS is for newer hardware such as a color display. If there is a need to correct the current 3.1h OS we will be able to add a software patch in RAM.

    I hope I was able to help you with this.

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    Thank you! I appreciate your imput. I won't "upgrade" to 3.3 until I not only have a better understanding of this, but until there is real reason to do so. Again, thank you.

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    The main point is, you CAN'T. You can install patch upgrades prior to 3.3, but you can NOT upgrade to 3.3 -- ever. As QL21 said, there's no flash ROM.

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