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    I'm looking for an MP3 player that lets me create playlists on my PC to be used on my Treo 650. Apparently the built-in Realplayer can do this, but using it tends to corrupt my SD card. Any suggestions?

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    Did anyone ever see the posting here? I want to find out how to edit the playlist on the PC instead of using the tiny screen on the Treo. Any help will be appreciated.
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    I was thinking about this yesterday as I was using my Treo at the gym. If I could edit my playlists on my PC, I'd update them a lot more often, as I could have my ITunes playlist up on one screen, and my Treo playlist on my second screen and just compare the two. ITunes playlists get updated daily, Treo playlists do not.
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    answer: iPod
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    Does anyone have an answer that's less than $250?

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