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    I just purchased Landware's Pocket Quicken and found out it works *only* with Quicken 99 or 2000 on the desktop. Before plunking down $50.00 more for the desktop software, could anyone direct me to a place where I could download a trial of Quicken 99 or 00??

    Happy New Years!!!
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    ...maybe you could try

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    yeah you would THINK would work. but it doesn't. nor does no trial downloads up there.
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    well I just went to, and down at the bottom left there's a link to Quicken 2000:

    check that out and see if there's a demo version...

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    Intuit doesn't offer a demo version of Quicken. Besides, the desktop program is huge! It would take forever to download. I believe they do offer a 30-day money back.

    MB <><

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