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    The WSJ business section today had two articles about a potential Sprint-Nextel merger to happen down the road abit and Engadget featured this blurb today...

    Perhaps those of us who thought that the 3rd button on the left hand side of the Treo 650 was a potential location for PTT were more correct than we thought?? I dont see a high puchase rate of Treos by Nextel customers but it is certainly interesting.

    First news of a Microsoft Pocket PC Treo, then a Linux version, and now a Nextel two way radio version? What next? VOIP?

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    nytimes reports that verizon might swoop down and buy sprint b4 the sprint/nextel merger foes through. sprint nextel boards are going to vote on this this week.

    verizon had a mtg with sprint late last week after they found out about sprint/nexel.

    poor t-mo.
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    its a strong value-based carrier
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    I have read the the nextel/sprint deal is >70% likely and will be announced next week. SprintPCS or something similiar will be the new brand name after consolidation.

    It shows how valuable subscribers are to carriers... Certainly iden is not driving this!

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    T-Mobile is owned in part by the German government. They'll be fine.
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    I hope VZW merges with Sprint, that is probably the only way VZW customers will get the 650. And knowing VZW the merger would be faster than their $&@!#*^ testing process - even with the government involved!
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    Quoted from

    A merger would significantly alter the competitive landscape. Sources close to Vodafone, the UK group which owns a 45 per cent stake in Verizon Wireless, said it would not be interested in either Sprint or Nextel. Deutsche Telekom, whose T-Mobile USA would become the smallest of the big carriers, is also thought unlikely to intervene.

    Verizon, however, has made no secret of its desire to expand in mobile telephony. The company was last night said to be watching developments closely and had not ruled out making a move.
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    well whos to say they would get the phones quicker. maybe for the treo 700 their crappy debugging and turnaround time would infect verizon-sprint-nextel-starbucks-krispy-kreme-mcdonalds telco instead.

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