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    So I'm thinking really hard about returning (or reselling) my Treo 650 and getting another Treo 600. My wife and I had Treo 300's for a while. When her hinge broke we got a replacement Treo 300 which I meant to sell on eBay (still gotta get around to that) and I gave her mine and switched to something else entirely. When that Treo 300 hinge broke, we were sent a replacement Treo 600 which I played with for a while and really fell in love with. I then bought a Treo 650 and gave her the 600 (which was technically a replacement for her, anyway). Well, I'm not so happy with the 650, so I'm thinking about getting another 600 for me. But I'm not thrilled with the idea of paying $400+ for a new one from eBay.

    Anyone know of any better deals?

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    I have a brand new (12/9/04), non-refurb 600 with 28 minutes on it. I'm looking for a 650.

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