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    I am thinking about getting the T650 and use Sprint PCS Business Connection Personal Edition to check my work emails.

    My questions is as fallows. CS told me that I would need to change my account which currently has the Sprint PCS Vision Pictures Pack to the Sprint PCS Vision Professional Pack.

    Currently I am not paying anything for the Sprint PCS Vision Pictures Pack as I am on the old plan which had free vision. If I switch to the Professional Pack, will I have to pay the extra $15/mo? Also... will I loose all my grandfathered goodies like unlimited sms???????

    Please advise!!
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    yup... you would loose it all. Stay in the Grandfather program and enjoy the free fruits.

    Suggestion: Sign up for Seven's beta plan. Its the same firm that Sprint PCS uses for the business Connect software. In fact Seven beta is the best 'cos its free.
    Downside: Seven can turn the beta program off at anytime with a 30 day notice.
    Treo 650.. the best smart phone there is.
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    BTW: The link to Seven's beta site is:
    Treo 650.. the best smart phone there is.
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    What is the "validation code" they are asking for in the Beta sign up?
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    The Sprint Vision Professional Pack includes unlimited data and unlimited sms.
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    you need to request a Validation code from SEVEN. They sign up people randomly and might select you 'cos you have a Treo 650
    Treo 650.. the best smart phone there is.

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