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    Have and love Goodlink on the 600. SO no Palm OS address or contact entries on my 600 - it is all in Goodlink apps.

    Wondering if anyone has inishgt into memory consumption if one is using Goodlink - I do not have my 650 yet but co-worker does, has the magic 3,000 contacts and no issues whatsoever - I checked free RAM and he had like 4-5 MB.

    Wondering if perhaps Goodlink does do some proper record management within the allocated sectors it uses for its files..
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    When I installed Goodlink it took about 10MB of RAM. I probably don't have 3000 contacts - maybe 1000 and I think the 10MB RAM number is still in the ballpark. I want to think I remember reading somewhere that Goodlink only consumes 10MB. When I read that I wondered how that could be the case. I think I read it on Good's site. In any case, I have about 7MB RAM free and I don't see much change on a day to day basis using it for email, contacts, etc.
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    A question re: the GoodLink contacts app:

    Does it have the same dialing lag as the native Palm contact app does?
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    Having not used the Palm Contacts, I can't say for sure, but there is a lag.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tl650
    Having not used the Palm Contacts, I can't say for sure, but there is a lag.

    If you used the 600 with GoodLink, you'll recall that there was no lag whatsoever there. In comparison to that, I guess that answers my question.

    Perhaps the lag issue stems from the phone app itself, not the contacts.
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    I've used the 600 with Good and there was no lag. Once i got the 650 i notice a 1 second pause before i dialed someone from my contacts from Good. Anyone else see this?
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    Good still uses the phone app, which is what causes the lag.


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