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    The Treo 650, despite it's short comings, is the best phone on the planet!

    For what it does it's the smallest phone out there. DVD's, phone, camera, movie camera, applications, Word, Excel, Power Point, Internet access, downloads, MP3 player, videos, games, datebook, memo pad..............Oh and speaker phone, too!

    The list goes on and on........

    I renovate and build homes. I am on the road 10 hours a day. The Treo 650 is great. It's not perfect by any means but you can't beat it.
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    Amen Brother!
    "When Palm announced today that its new smartphone would run an operating system from Microsoft, it was the equivalent of Coca-Cola agreeing to fill its bottles with Pepsi." ~David M. Ewalt, Forbes Magazine
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    DVD's??? tell me more!
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    ...could not agree more.

    Jeeze what an *amazing* device!

    300 (my first Palm phone) ->i500 (oops - good phone, but not a great palm) -> 600 (impressed) -> 650 (heaven)

    BT and the Hi-Res screen alone make this a no-brainer.
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    I've been with Handspring since the fist Visor. They have never been perfect. But they have always been great! I did a wipe and install fresh rather than an upgrade and the only problem left is the random reboot. But that does not happen often. This is the best PDA I have ever had.

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