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    My guess is BS.
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    Much as I want to believe there is a GSM available now, I don't think there really is one yet. Plus, none of the Sprint phones can take a SIM like a GSM phone, and I do know you can't have one that does both Sprint and ATT. So, no, I'm afraid this deal is not legitimate.
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    Most likely it is a scam, the seller has zero feedback and he is willing to ship to Germany!?
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    Let's see, 0 feedback, in the questions "his friend got it in advance from a chain of electronics stores, will ship to Germany.

    Also absolutely no pictures only cut and paste from P1 website. Please!
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    I just posted my own thread on this, but figured I'd bump this one... I won the auction! Now, of course, I'm just as doubtful as all of you about the legitimacy of this, so I figured I'd try and get the seller to come forward with some info. Here is the link to my post:

    Of course, my only real reason for bidding was the remote possibility this could actually be legit. We'll see...

    What do you think of my request to him?

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    There have been others, usually claiming to offer GSM 650s, usually a one-day auction, claiming to have 5 units and offering a 'buy now' price varying from $250-300. Immediately followed the next day by a similar item but using a different seller name each time, though often the same email address. Wanted paying by western union.

    Turned out to be from eastern europe and evaded all questions of legitimacy.

    Work it out.
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    eastern europe
    western union

    hmmm very very stinky

    oh yeah and this "BRAND NEW TREO 650 PDA PHONE UNLOCKED FOR USE WITH PHONE SERVICE WHICH USES GSM OR CDMA." is the real kicker (sorry it was a copy and paste from the auction page)

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