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    I got a goldlantern g-lite from a friend but with no user manual. I searched on their website for one but they got nothing! Can someone post directions on how to pair & use it with Treo 650? Thanx.
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    I think I can figure how to use it but now I need the default passkey in order to pair it. I tried 0000. Help!
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    Try emailing support or better yet, call them :-)
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    Kinda curious, how are you liking the G-Lite headset? A co-worker of mine is thinking about getting it, but maybe I can stop him from getting it if you think it's crap.
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    It is HORRIBLE! It sounds good at first but as soon as you put your phone in pocket or in a holster on your side there is soooo much static you can't use it!! It's a piece of crapola. Don't do it! Get the Motorola Hs820 or 850...
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    Thanks for the 411, I'll let him know.
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    So what's the passkey to pair the Gold Lantern G-Lite? I am in the same situation without a passkey to pair. What is it?

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    The default passcode is 1234.
    You can access the manual on the their webpage, but it is pdf and two of the pages never show (in English) for me.

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