Hi all,

After lossing my Clie TH55 PDA by theft and having a basic phone for more than a year, I thought I would give a shot at Treo650 and Sprint. I have been using Palm for last 5-6 years, so I thought I may want to try PocketPC for a change but, after realizing that applications available on PocketPC/Phones are limited, decided to stick with Palm phone.

I've been using this 2-3 days now, and here is what I feel.

(I am on Trial run right now and may decide to return it all together and stick with my current good and old S105 phone / T-mobile.)

Reasons I chose Treo650:

1. Palm PDA Phone (I guess I got tired of carrying two devices all the time)
2. Speaker Phone (I am on conf. call a lot so a decent speaker phone was a must.)
3. Bluetooth (for possible GPS navigation usage)
4. Camera (not great but may come in handy)
5. Build-In Keyboard

1. Great screen.
2. Speaker phone is usable. (but far from perfect)
3. Volume is very loud.
4. I can re-use most of my old Palm applications.
5. Relatively small size PDA phone.
6. Sturdy and feels strong. Feels like a well-built body.
7. Keyboard is very good. it's too small, yes, but way better than scribbling.
8. 5-way nav button. it works so well just like T3 did.
9. Dont need to pull out stylus (only for soft-reset!! ) - everything can be entered and selected with buttons. (and using just one hand)
10. Be able to surf the real web on the phone. (never tried web features via phone services b4. although I used my PDAs via bluetooth or WIFI very often)

1. I had to talk to 5 different service reps to activate the phone / resolve some issues, and only 1 was nice and likable and rest 4 of them were either dull, or tried to reap me off, or just plain rude or sounded very tired.
2. The built-in webbrowser Blazer is very bad at rendering international websites. And crashes if the website is very complicated. Had to soft-reset multiple times. I forgot the name of webbrowser I used in TH55 or T3 (I think it was WebPro..) but it worked very well with inter
3. Speaker of Speakerphone feature is not so clear. It's very loud, but the sound somestimes gets torn apart. Also not sure if it's Treo or the Conf Call we are using at work, but last night I was asked to repeat several times, and I had to get closer to the phone (to 3-4 inches to the phone)
4. The phone is very heavy and big compared to the conventional phones. - I knew it would be like this so not much of a real complaints. I really dont like to put phones in my pockets, and this one is even more so.
5. Small memory issue. This is $600 phone, yet the free RAM is only about 20MB and it's even less efficient than the regular PALMs. This is a major set back from 64MB of T3 or TH55. The compatiblity issue is bothersome, but I was expecting from the beginning so less impact on me, I guess.
6. No lens cap for the camera. a simple slide plastic cap would have been great just like TH55.
7. As a phone, I need to press the key to turn on the screen to check for missed calls/new voice mails/time and date. It would have been great if Treo650 could change the flashing LED color to indicate any of the missed calls and etc.
8. the screen gets greasy if I talk on the phone without headset or speakerphone. but I guess there is nothing Palmone or anyone else can do about it without drastic design change. I have put on the screen protector, of course, and I could change my soap as well
9. Idiotic design of the AC plug. it's not easy to figure out which way I should plug the power to Treo650. there is small arrow mark but it's hardly visible and still hard to differenciate its front from back. This is very small thing but PalmOne failed to satisfy me in small details.
10. Sprint charges more for less calling minutes than T-Mobile. ($40 for only 500 minutes compared to 600 minutes of T-mobile, and additinoal $5 for 'crippled' roaming services)
11. 2-3 seconds delay after pressing Send button. this is a bit annoying but I can overlook. Other phones do have delay between send and actually sending the signal, the only difference is other phones change the display but Treo doesn't

Wow. that was a long list of Cons. But my overall impression is that this is a one awesome phone/PDA! Yet, I haven't made up my mind whether I want to keep this one and terminate my T-mobile account or just stick with T-mobile. The voice quality seems to be just on par or slighly worse but it's still okay. I make frequent international calls via calling cards and I heard tons of complaints from the other side while using T-Mobile so I need to see if Sprint/Treo will do any better.

Migrating from TH55 data to Treo was a bit hectic even after following the instruction - which resulted inifite resets. So I just opted out and copied the application and database to Treo650 directly, and it was pretty smooth.

Let's see how it goes for next a few days and I should be able to make up my mind!