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    Does anybody have any ideas for an app that will link a key word from one app to another?

    I love BrainForest, but it doesn't intergrate with anything, like Action Names, To Do, Teal Glace, etc.

    I want an easy way to Have the Root Nodes exported to the Todo, then linked back to BrainForest for check off the leaves.

    I've Tried:
    Link Pack
    Link Master

    They all have some sort of weakness that makes this difficult.

    Any suggestions?

    Note: Tree would've been perfect if it was more full powered.

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    I have looked pretty hard for the same kind of thing (If I understand you right) and the best I can tell you is that I haven't found anything either. The people at tell me they are developing some goal management software which may do this but I don't have any details. Please post back here if you find anything.
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    I saw a product called LINKER on PalmGear. The reviews were great, but I haven't tried it yet. The product is suppose to work with other programs like Diddlebug.


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