I've been doing a lot of hard resets and recoveries over the last 3 days (as long as I've had my new Treo). It seems to vary what will or might not cause this issue. While I haven't been able to narrow it down to a specific 3rd party program (had it happen with a couple, and yet have had instances of running same programs with no probs), I have noticed that after this starts up, I can softboot back into the phone, use the phone menu to launch FileZ (palm launcher at this point just causes reboots to start again), and when I try to look at the Internal files, FileZ says that it can't load (locDefLocationDB), and looking at it, it appears to be corrupted.

It seems that _something_ is sporadically causing this, and I can't tell what it is. Tues I ran AIM all day long with no problems. After one hard reset today for a crash after I registered Kinoma, I ran AIM, set up my user, logged in and it locked up. I hit the reset button and boom, rebooting started again.