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    When ever I transfer pictures, jpegs or bitmaps to use as wall paper they are distorted. I can view them in the media center and they are fine but when I try to use them as wallpaper the display expands them to the full screen and the clairity is pretty awful.

    I have re-sized them but that does not seem to matter. Anyone else having any problems like this or not, or have a better solution for this......
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    Considering the output of the Treo camera is VGA (640x480), trying to use it's images as a computer monitor's wallpaper will probably never yield attractive results (unless you like abstract digital art).
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    This isn't for using on my PC, its downloading pics to my treo that are not clear. Not ones from the camera either,the pics taken with the camera are fine.
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    Sorry, I misunderstood. Well, my best guess is, your Treo screen is 320x320, and most "wallpapers" and pictures you might have on your PC have a horizontal/landscape orientation. Using that kind of image, instead of a square one, will definitely give you a noticable "stretch."

    Otherwise, I don't know what might be up.

    I modified an XP desktop image and posted it here, and it looks just as clear on my T650 as it does on my PC. Pictures of my kids and local landmarks similarly transfer fine and look beautiful on this screen.

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