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    The Treo has remapped the phone button as the calender button. I had to go to buttons and change the calender button to the phone. I cannot change the phone button back to the phone. I'd hate to have to do a hard reset. Any suggestions? Thanks
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    Have you installed any third party apps, especially Datebk5? It has been known to hijack the phone button and not give it back. There is a new version of Datebk5 specifically for the Treo 650 that fixes this issue. It is on the Pimlico site on the right of the main page.
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    I had Agendus but removed that thinking that the button set in Agendus was the sinner, but that didn't help. Phone button is still calender.
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    reinstall agendus and the uninstall it properly, not just deleting the app
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    You might also want to do a search of the forum for Datebk5 and Agendus for some help. If all else fails, you may need to do the hard reset and restore.
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    I finally just hard reset it. That fixed the problem. Thanks for your answers

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