I am in the process of migrating from a Treo 600 (T-Mobile) to Treo 650 with Sprint. Everthing is going somewhat well except for yesterday when I spent the majority of the day attempting to setup SnapperMail for Sprint vs. TMO. It was painful, but eventually began functioning last night.

Based on the recommendation of some treocentral members I installed Zlauncher and seems to be working fine and saving space. The "phone sceen dial pad" look changed yesterday. The four buttons below the dial pad now kind of "overlay" each other. Either the top two partially cover the bottom two buttons or if you tap one of the bottom two buttons they slightly overlap the top buttons. Is this normal?

Also, when I turn the phone on I don't get the Sprint screen with the towers and sounds. I now get the word Treo with a little cell icon at the bottom of the screen with the melodic up tone or down tome when I turn the phone on or off. I can't figure out how this happened.

If there is anyone out there that can help I would really appreciate it. It is not a big issue, but I hope it is not leading to a bigger future problem.