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    It seems the NVFS issue is a major pain. I can't even consider getting a T650 till that is resolved because of all the contacts I have. Not to mention other space consuming applications. That patch will have to work pretty good for me to make the move.

    Some folks are saying they have reboots for no reason. Some lockups for no reason. It may not even be as sturdy as the T600 when it comes to drops on the floor.

    So outside of a nicer screen & Bluetooth what is there better in the T650 than the T600?

    Seems like the gains combined with the issues results in almost a zero sum benefit in upgrading.
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    In my Opinion it was totally worth the upgrade. The screen and bluetooth are the two main reasons... but it is a bit faster for sure... I have to use my 600 for a few days (long story having nothing to do with the 650), but I've been using my 650 for almost a month and I love it... It's a little painful to go backwards to the 600, but you're right... if you have no use for bluetooth then it may not be worth it.... but that alone made it worth it for me. the screen and new camera and camcorder are WAY better on the 650 - I always found the camera on the 600 to be relatively useless. I think it's a worthwhile upgrade - memory issues aside - I have over 1500 contacts, tons of appointments, notes, third party apps... I don't really even need an sd card but I put my music on there so I got a 1GB SD Card for cheap... it's well worth it.
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    Well...your question has been answered before...but other than Bluetooth and the Hi-Res Screen you've got a removable battery, which comes with NVFS (may contribute to a slight drag in performance, but worth it in my opinion to NEVER lose info on your 650...has happened to me on more than one occasion with my 300), the camcorder and better camera lens, the programs that come standard with the 650 (Docs to Go et al.), the newer interface (only part that's worse to me is the phone UI, but I'm sure some software hacks can fix that later, and maybe even now), and prolly some less obvious things. But if you would just order it and try would find this out for yourself. If you don't like it, return it...
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    Oh yea, and I forgot the improved keyboard....basically it's perfect in almost every sense of a smartphone, except for the lack of Cobalt and Wifi/EV-DO, both of which aren't ready for the 650. That's why we'll hopefully see them in the 700/900/blah. Anyway, like I was saying...just try out the 650 and you'll fall in love just like you did with the last Treo you bought. Also, trying to rationalize the 650 as a zero sum product is ludacris. Once you see the screen in action (i.e. - general interface, games, movies, and web browsing to name a few), you'll wonder how you even made it with the 600. And bluetooth...wireless headset, wireless GPS, wireless syncing, wireless DUN with a laptop, wireless reverse tethering of your broadband connection 1000 ft. away from your desktop/laptop. Do you know how much you'll appreciate the terms "Hi-Resolution" & "Wireless" whenever you eventually upgrade. Of course a few bugs here and there will give you a lil' twitch, but they WILL be fixed, that's the great part of software.
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    Keyboard, camera, removable battery, speed, improved (or new) compatibility with many hi-res apps
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    Well, I'll disagree with the last poster. I probably prefer the old thumbboard (though they both suck). The screen and camera I will truly miss, but I'll probably switch back to a 600.

    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.
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    Yea the advantages of Bluetooth are compelling.

    The improved screen would be good and allow for playing some games that can't be played on the T600's sorrry screen. Also the improved screen would help with 3-D GPS apps. Those are some good reasons.

    I knew about the camera, but don't care at all about that. Also a removable battery and not losing data is not a concern for me either.

    Its really just good to hear the uses the new features open you up to.

    I guess there really is not anything else moving for me other than the screen and Bluetooth, but those are 2 good reasons. If the memory issue improves with the patch I'll see about upgrading.
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    Good question as I thought about going back to my 600 but decided to stay with the 650. BT DUN has been fantastic as I sit here in Las Vegas airport. I love the faster processor. My biggest concern now is relying on my SD card. I know have to back up my SD card. Because of ZLauncher if my card is not in the 650 many programs will not work because they have been off loaded to the card.

    Overall I am happy and not a lot of resets. Build quality seems fine.
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    So some folks are saying the T650 is "faster" but folks are also saying that the memory issue makes things "slower" when pulling up contacts and dialing. Which is it?
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    Its one of things you don't truely appreciate until you try to go back.

    I really pitty the poster that mentioned having to use his 600 for a few days. I had my 650 all boxed up and ready to return it, then I fired up the 600 and it took my eyes several seconds of adjusting before the screen was even legible. (sounds silly but its true) From that point on I have never looked back.

    While the new phone UI is takes some getting used to, I actually find it more intuitive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by darnell
    So some folks are saying the T650 is "faster" but folks are also saying that the memory issue makes things "slower" when pulling up contacts and dialing. Which is it?
    It varies...when pulling things from memory, NVFS makes it a bit slower, but the faster processor is noticably faster when rendering web pages or computing. I guess that's the best way to explain it.
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    The speed and usefulness of Blazer seem to be highly overlooked here. I found that Blazer was so slow on my 600 as to be almost unusable for most purposes. On the 650 I can use Blazer and surf the web painlessly. I received an email with a hyperlink in it to a proposed christmas gift. Clicked on the link, Blazer opened and took me to the picture of the item fairly quickly. I could go on and on about other web uses but suffice it to say that this has become a pretty significant bonus in my upgrade.

    I'll agree there are some minor tweaks that would be nice, but overall I am thrilled with the 650 vs. 600. As for memory, I have a lot of 3rd party apps, most residing on the SD card, and still have about 8 mgs available in RAM. It helps if you delete the old app databases if you are not relying on them. Can free up a pretty big chunk of memory.

    Switch. You won't be sorry.
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    It is definately faster when functioning within an app. Its when it has to switch apps that you see a delay, because it is backing up the data.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott R
    Well, I'll disagree with the last poster. I probably prefer the old thumbboard (though they both suck). The screen and camera I will truly miss, but I'll probably switch back to a 600.


    That's interesting because if I remember correctly you always complaied about the keys being too small
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    I agree with much of what's been said here. I should add that I dropped my 650 three times so far (yikes) and I was amazed how well it took it with zero scratches or marks of any kind.

    The NVFS issue sucks, however having used it for about a month now and set myself up with ZL and an SD card, I can safely say that I would not trade NVFS (with its problems) for the memory I had on the 600. I had the battery run down completely a couple of times and it felt sooo god not having to worry about it at all.
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    The audio output is hotter. The external speaker is lounder too (not by much and I think it's more geared twaord the midrage (read voice), but the headphone out for Real Player and Pocket Tunes is a lot hotter.Before, with the 600, it was plenty loud, but there were times that I wish it was a tad bit more and I have yet to be able to handle full blast on the 650. I would say 1/3 if not a 1/4 lounder. Same headphones with both units and same WMA songs. The only differenace was the device.

    Also, all the other stuff that other have been talking about, screen, BT, Keyboard, brightness, battery, camera, eaier for a non smartphone person to use (with the 600, some friends were not always sure they performed the phone functions correct, they would always ask me if it was hungup and such. With the Green Send and Red end, it seems to solve that. I personal wish it was like the 600, but I see why they did it this way.
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    I agree with Silverado about the 650's NVFS. I just wish they'd make a nice "Out of Memory" error message instead of crashing after things like HotSync.

    Other benefits (TWO key ones):
    BT GPS
    Reverse DUN!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by silverado

    That's interesting because if I remember correctly you always complaied about the keys being too small
    Indeed. As I said, they both suck. To clarify further, the Treo 650's thumbboard looks better on paper: larger, flatter keys. But I am DEFINITELY more prone to typos with it than I was with the 600 that I got to play with for about a month (replacement for my wife's Treo 300 - she now has the 600). Again, do I like the 600's thumbboard? NO! But do I think it's better than the 650's? Yes. A little. When I clamored on and on for a larger thumbboard, I was talking about something significantly larger along the lines of what I have in my mockup (for those that haven't already, see my signature link). The 650's thumbboard is pretty much the same size overall as the 600's, but the keys are larger and flatter. However, that also makes them closer together and, it seems to me, the AI that was supposedly present in the 600's OS to ignore nearby keypresses doesn't seem to function as well, if it even exists, in the 650.

    Having said all that...there have been other threads (including one dedicated poll) around the whole "which thumbboard is better" issue and I'm apparently in the minority in liking (if you can call it liking) the 600's thumbboard better than the 650's. So, as always, YMMV.

    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.
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    Screen, Screen, Screen- High res Screen is incredible.
    and I love the new contacts database that allows both home and work addresses.
    next comes bluetooth.

    The non vol memory and removable battery do more bad than good.
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    Strange. I have only messed around with the 650 for a couple hours at my local Sprint store. The new keyboard felt so much more awkward in my hand (could have partly been because of the screw-on harness, though), but I seemed to make a lot less typos and speed was definitely increased. I'm sure after I get to hang on to one for a couple days, the awkward feeling will go away.
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