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    thanks for the info, LordPhong. Do you (or anyone else) notice any significant crackling or bad range with the Bluespoon? I love the idea of this thing fitting in my ear and not over my ear....
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    LordPhong...did you PM mixmaven to buy the AX, or does he have auctions on eBay or something? Either way, he seems to be out of stock now .

    BTW...check out that 5G review on HoFo by BengalBoy...sheeesh that thing is TINY!
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    you PM mixmaven....last I talked to him, he was expecting another shipment shortly...
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    yeah, what he said.
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    How much did you pay from mixmaven?
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    I would just PM him. I don't think he wants prices advertised publicly, as he'd like the forums to stay focused on other stuff and not become a place for advertising, etc.
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    after a coupla weeks with this thing i must say it kicks a$$. excellent all around. the range i will openly admit sucks but that is not the fault of the headset but treos crappy bluetooth. i tried this same headset with a Fony Ericsson and it sounded better for a little bit longer in terms of range. my advice.. until WUSB proliferates, give up on crackle free bluetooth for the 650. without a protocol update it aint gonna happen. ive gone thru 4 headsets and i always have bad range and crackle if its more than 5 feet away but withint that 5 feet the bluespoon ax is really great
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    thanks for the feedback, wahili....I may just have to pick one of these up, although I have a Cardo Scala 500 coming to me!

    How is the 'background" noise? Do people ever complain of a lot of background noise when you are in noisy environments? How about outdoors? Ever too much wind noise?

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    I actually spent time to put a review here on TC. I don't have the 650; only 600 with Jabra's a210. You know what Rogerkang? Mine doesn't crack @ 5 ft. Not even 10 ft. It started cracking when I went to my brother's room (15 ft).
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    I tried PMing mixmaven - no such user.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mijiman
    I tried PMing mixmaven - no such user.
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