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    I got this case yesterday and must say it is everything and more. It gives the phone the protection that is lacks. It is never fun to drop a nice phone, but if I did with this case on I would not worry. It offers great protection yet is still extremely slim. I will definitely be using this case a lot. The price is also great. The only issue I have is that it is not very stylus friendly. You really have to get used to not using the stylus much at all since the plastic cover protrudes and makes it hard to press down.

    If you want to use a belt clip you just slide it into place on the back, see my pictures below.

    I purchased this on eBay . . .

    I believe you can also purchase it from the manufacturer web site, but I am not sure if the price is better . . .

    PS - I carry my phone in my pocket about 80% of the time so it is important that it remains slim so that it doesn't appear that I have a heavy brick in my pants pocket.
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    I bought this case on eBay as well and having just got it yesterday, I agree, it fits like a glove and protects ALL of the phone. Now I can just throw my treo in my purse without having to slip it in and out of the slip case all the time. I did order an extra, so now I am contemplating cutting the screen part out, but that would surely mess up the whole case, so I think i will just pass and live with using the 5-way at all times to protect the treo itself.

    Mine came with the swivel clip which is HUGE, so I doubt I will be putting mine on my hip much, if at all. I like your clip much better!

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