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    I am wondering if ther is a condiut that will synk the palm colck to nist time when I do a hot synk of my visor. I ride mas transit and the buses are synked to nist and it would me nice if I when I synk at teh end of the day at the office if my colclk were calabrated to nist. I have ched at pdacentral, memoware and palm gear and havent found anything, other than zdnet are there any other good sites for palm freware shaware wnere i might find an app to do this.
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    I use TimePal to sync my Visor to my computer. Its available on PalmGear

    My computer is kept synchronized with a neat little program called Dimension4:

    They both work perfectly, and I've got an accurate time source right at hand now.
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    Thanks it works really well.

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