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    Has anyone tried to compile a master list of 650 bugs and fixes? This would not be compatibility issues (thread running), simply out-of-the-box problems and troubleshooting. While the first wave of users are probably aware of all of these issues, many later purchasers will post repetitive threads on the same problems as have been described (and in some cases solved) by others. A master troubleshooting guide might cut down on the red-face posts. Here's a start, but please feel free to pile on (this is a work in progress):

    Slow Dialing (Sprint) -

    Sound Quality -

    Missed Calls -

    Frantic LED flashing -

    Hotsync Problems -
    1. Hotsync Crashes - and
    2. Soft Reset After Hotsync - ()
    3. Auto Sync Mail Fetching -
    4. Possible Fix for Sync Issues -

    Stuck in Vibration Mode -

    Unknown Beeping Sound -

    Sprint BC has taken control of your set -

    Bluetooth Problems:
    1. Reboots -
    2. See generally the Bluetooth forum.

    Repeated Reboots -

    Causes Turrets Syndrome - just kidding.
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    There's a delay when doing certain things -- like entering a new appointment in agendus.
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    Should prolly just put all delay problems under the "memory problem". . . Change/Fix filesystem!

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